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    e believe innovative IT should support & drive a business in achieving its goals, solving business problems and providing a competitive advantage.

  • Collaborative

    - We understand customer's goals before recommending solutions.

  • Responsive

    - Responding in a timely manner with the appropriate information, it is not enough to respond quickly if the information is wrong. At Capstone, both timeliness and accuracy are important.

  • Innovative

    - Through innovations, ingenuity, and flexibility, Capstone Enterprises primary objective is to provide our customers with economical, effective and efficient IT solutions.

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Consulting Solutions

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Technology Solutions

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Managed Solutions

Capstone provides enterprise class consulting resources to businesses of all sizes. Whether you need a systems administrator to assist with everyday IT tasks or a large project managed end to end Capstone can fill your requirements.

Capstone provides IT infrastructure technology and the latest innovative solutions focused on reducing IT costs and improving efficiencies. Capstone packages complete end to end solutions with technology applied to solve business problems.

Capstone extends the efficiency and capabilities of your IT staff by letting Capstone provide the experience and expertise to provide necessary IT services. Managed solutions will save you company IT budget and resources providing indespensible IT functions.


Aligning IT with the business and meeting stakeholder needs

·         Applications / Software

·         Technology / Infrastructure

·         Information Architecture

Design – Understanding our customers’ requirements and providing the right solution

·         Joint planning sessions

·         Systems Performance Analysis

Implementation – Experienced execution of project architecture and design

·         Project Management

·         Staffing

·         Systems Integration

Application Development - Expert application design and programming

·         Web Design

o   HTML, XML,

o   Graphic Arts

o   User experience

·         JAVA

·         C++

·         Offshore resources with local project management


·         Anti-Virus, Spyware, Malware

·         Email security, spam and content filtering

·         Vulnerability scanning

·         Pre-attack hardening and post attack mitigation

·         Firewalls

·         Secured remote access  SSL/VPN


·         SAN

·         iSCSI

·         NAS

·         Tape Libraries

·         Backup and Recovery

·         Data Deduplication


·         Server Virtualization

·         Desktop Virtualization

Green IT

·         PC energy management

·         Server consolidation

·         UPS

·         Storage Optimization

·         Data Deduplication

Software applications
and platforms

·         Microsoft SharePoint

·         Microsoft CRM

·         Microsoft IIS

·         Web content Management



·         Our Hosting Services starts with a world-class infrastructure using industry-leading technology and expertise. Our engineers use enterprise tools and automated processes to continuously monitor, manage, and secure the health of the entire infrastructure every user, everywhere, every day.

·         You can have the financial benefits of a shared hosting environment but the performance of powerful, dedicated-like servers Vulnerability scanning

·         Not all customers are alike.  We treat you as individual customers and unique in your own rights.  When you partner with us, your needs will be assessed to see what server customization is required. The required software licenses are obtained, the system is setup, and the customizations are made as required.Firewalls

·         Daily backups and disaster prevention

·         UPS power backup and backup generator

·         24/7 uptime and network monitoring

·         Credits for uptimes of less than 99.9% (SLA)

On-Line Backup and Restore Services

·         Privacy - data stored is encrypted with your own key

·         Reliability - full cycle testing to ensure data is restorable

·         Convenience - backup is automated and you have access to your data 24x7

·         Disaster Recovery - data is stored off-site

·         Affordable - Lowest pricing model in the industry yet maintaining the same or better level of service

Managed Security Solutions

Is your IT budget too constrained to support a dedicated security staff?  The complete understanding of the myriad of outside threats posed today is a daunting task.  Let Capstone assess vulnerabilities and design a solution to protect your digital assets with the latest security technologies and expert managed services extending the effectiveness and efficiency of your IT resources.