Your business is trying to tell you something. Innovating IT

  • W

    e believe innovative IT should support & drive a business in achieving its goals, solving business problems and providing a competitive advantage.

  • Collaborative

    - We understand customer's goals before recommending solutions.

  • Responsive

    - Responding in a timely manner with the appropriate information, it is not enough to respond quickly if the information is wrong. At Capstone, both timeliness and accuracy are important.

  • Innovative

    - Through innovations, ingenuity, and flexibility, Capstone Enterprises primary objective is to provide our customers with economical, effective and efficient IT solutions.

Consulting Solutions

Capstone provides enterprise class consulting resources to businesses of all sizes.  Whether you need a systems administrator to assist with everyday IT tasks or a large project managed end to end Capstone can fill your requirements.


Architecture – Aligning IT with the business and meeting stakeholder needs

Applications / Software

Technology / Infrastructure

Information Architecture


Design – Understanding our customers’ requirements and providing the right solution

Joint planning sessions

Systems Performance Analysis


Implementation – Experienced execution of project architecture and design

Project Management


Systems Integration


Application Development - Expert application design and programming

Web Design


Graphic Arts

User experience



Offshore resources with local project management